What is Josiah’s Gift?

The best way to understand the ministry of Josiah’s Gift is to simply experience the power of God’s Word when it is spoken from the heart. Watch the video below for a brief taste:


At the heart of Josiah’s Gift is the belief that all you need to change a life is for a willing heart to encounter the Word of God.  In the story of King Josiah (2 Kings 22-23) we see that this kind of encounter not only changed a life but ended up changing the course of an entire nation for a generation.

We also believe that there is no more powerful way to experience the Bible than to sit and listen to someone recite the Word of God from their heart.  Nothing changed, nothing altered, nothing added.  Just the simple text, brought to life because it’s being shared from the heart of someone who thoroughly believes what they are speaking.

This powerful experience has brought the Bible to life for thousands of people in a way that many of them have never known before. It not only gives them a taste of the wonderful Word of God, but often awakens in them a desire to know it more for themselves.

We at Josiah’s Gift will come and recite for anyone who wants to hear the Bible brought to life. This could be your Bible Study, worship service, retreat, camp, living room, Sunday service, or conference. It could be in front of thousands, or just one, it doesn’t matter to us. If you want to hear the Word of God, we will come to you. We do not have a fee and we don’t ask for anything other than an open door to proclaim the text of the Bible.  Our hope is that, after hearing the Word, you and anyone else who hears would be inspired to seek the Word in your own lives and that we could equip you to do what we are doing: learning the Word and letting it change our lives.